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I’m either asking for it or asking for too much

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To be a woman is to live in a state of dormant rage. But it’s tiresome to live with constant anger, so sometimes, you fold it up and put it away and choose numbness instead. …

idk what day of the week it is today

Hello, there. Time is but a silly social construct made up by human beings and today is tomorrow and tomorrow is also yesterday.

I am quarantining with a friend that I have known for over a decade, and I am pleased to announce that we have not yet murdered one…

While I do have mixed feelings about his new special, the line "gay people are minorities until they need to be white again" is taken wildly out of context- he was saying that gay black people never would’ve called the police on him in the same situation, because they are black before they are gay. The bit about DaBaby- more about the USA’s ridiculous lack of gun control laws and truthfully, the absurdity that he is being cancelled over his offensive comments instead of an actual murder of another human being. And with the bit about Sojourner Truth, I think he was actually trying to make a point about the lack of intersectionality within the feminist movement. That said, a lot of his jokes about trans people and feminism did feel rehashed and dare I say it? a little boring.

Worship me or die, or so the meme goes

i love trash

True to my word, I attempted to define things three months into a talking stage, with a person I have known for four years. Silly me, I should’ve known from past experience that he’d freak out. In the words of the immortal Olivia Rodrigo: deja vu. He freaked out, big…

Solve the following equation: If Jane has 2 glasses but broke 1 glass after x months and bought a new glass to replace the 2nd glass, and broke the 3rd glass after 4x months because she is a dumb bitch, how many glasses does Jane have left?

When I moved into my first apartment in 2019, I had two sets of everything. Two cups, two forks, two spoons, two dishes, two bowls, two wine glasses — you get it. A Noah’s Ark situation all up in my cupboard, largely due to sheer laziness and to prolong dishwashing…

On growing up in suburban white Indiana and my love-hate relationship with America

corn, corn everywhere

Growing up as a kid in the States, I didn’t have the language to talk about race. How could I, when I was just a little snot-nosed Japanese girl in lily-white, suburban Indiana? …

the fuck am i supposed to do with a fucking flower

Mother’s Day was coming up, so I was scrolling through various lists on the World Wide Web for inspo. Pages after pages of red and pink carnations, aprons, nifty little cooking gadgets like a bread maker, macarons, candles. You know, all the usual typical things that people with vaginas like.

The end-all cure for debilitating anxiety: a psychic on the Internet

may the cards be ever in your favor

I said I wouldn’t do it, but I did it. I booked a reading with a psychic last Friday.

I don’t believe in God. I weathered more than a decade of religious schooling, slept through chapel every Wednesday, once wrote an essay in algebra class where we had to pull…

My government’s more incompetent than yours, but who’s comparing?

come back later
  1. You realize you’ve reached a new low when you find yourself patiently standing in a busy queue at the grocery store with a bottle of red gripped firmly in hand and nothing else, like a proper alchie. Which you’re not, because in your defense, they were out of salmon, which…

On the trials and tribulations of job hunting & working in Japan

it’s been a haaaaaard day’s night, i’ve been working like a dooooog~♫

It’s April again this year, so many Aprils have marched past relentlessly thus far — my 25th this year and I’d like to ask Time to slow the fuck down please because I haven’t the money to splurge on a bottle of SKII just yet and also yay double standards…


just a lil peach in Tokyo

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